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STYLEPUBLIC x gemsounds NYE REWIND AFTER PARTY CIRCA 2014. Photo by Landon Neil Phillips.

In the early days of STYLEPUBLIC (SP) ... what we did best and had the MOST fun doing was bringing people together on a unified journey to vibrate high on any given dance floor. 'Love Fest' was the self-proclaimed nickname we gave to all of our many fêtes and our former site spread that same love in our features on 'cool kids' across the globe. For todays #FBF I thought it suitable, while in this nostalgic state, to relaunch the new SP website which once again will focus on one of my favorite topics ... people! It's the human way, at least in most cases, to express oneself through personal aesthetics and so that leads me to my 2nd favorite topic ... STYLE! Hence the subtitle remains, A Style Culture Club. My whole life and career have been devoted to analyzing and reporting on the many interpretations of style. This time around I'm tapping into any lingering knowledge that may exist from my college photography minor (back when the only option was film and a dark room) and set out on this adventure of documenting the street fashion that I love so much. I'm throwing any formalities out of the window and simply going with my gut. Liberation! So expect to see loads of street style portraits and other fashion newsy blog posts for your visual pleasure. This work in progress is my contribution to the culture and my offering to all the style lovers in the universe. STYLEPUBLIC is back and our style chakra is full aligned!


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