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[drop_cap style=”1″ bgcolor=”#dddddd” color=”#787882″]T[/drop_cap]o know Mike ‘Mac’ McAbee is to love all things style. Why? Because he is all things style. The proof is in the pudding seen by his most recent project where he participated as hair and wardrobe stylist as well as MUA! Now I’m no Beehive girl but these photos make me want to dabble! Simply brilliant! See in his own words what Mac has to say about the inspiration behind this shoot:

mod photoshoot spring 2013

Mike: It all started from the print dress Heston is wearing. I picked it up in a thrift store in NYC years ago and I was really inspired by Louis VUITTON spring 2013 marketing the beehives bold prints bright colors.

That being said I started thinking about hair and makeup. Lashes were the key!


For hair I knew I wanted the beehive and with it being so structured the dress had to be as well. Mikals dress is actually a Goodwill find! Homemade too!

All in all it was inspired by the 60’s mod and geometric shapes. Lauren Sykes shot it in the studio I share with Jonny Cosmetics.

mod photoshoot spring 2013

Lauren and I work on a lot of projects that are just our concepts just for the sake of doing it and to get the creativity out and not keep it bottled up!

Lauren is head of the Digital Photography at the Arts Institute.

Ladies, I know your fingers can’t dial him up fast enough! He’s got the magic touch!

Hair/ MUA/ Styling: Mac

Photographer: Lauren Sykes

Models/ Heston Stutz, Isa Metz, Mikal Davis

Shot at Jonny Cosmetics Studio


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